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Damping Rails
Nov 16, 2016

Damping Rails is inside of the Rails, refers to the cushioning performance in the provision of a liquid, the buffer effect ideal noise buffering effect. Slide fast and easy selection of automation there are included. It relies on a new one to fit drawer closing speed. Drawers close to the end when a hydraulic slow down, reduce impact, forms a close comfortable results. Gentle even force to propel the drawer will close and keep the movement perfect, soft and quiet. The utility includes a fixed rail, rail, activity, track, ball bearing, clutch, bumper, bumper mounted on a fixed track; buffer containing piston rods, shell and piston, equipped with through holes and holes in the piston, piston-driven piston moves, fluid through the hole from one side to the other side, so as to cushion the damping effect. The utility drawer, push-pull activities.

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