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Hinge of history
Nov 16, 2016

People have rarely seen in modern architecture wood "axis". Modern doors and Windows of the building were mostly used metal door hinge axis. Modern production of door hinge shaft replaced the old "axis". "Axis" and the invention of the ancient remains in some ancient buildings and in the countryside of the residential buildings on some of the old Windows and doors.

Carefully looked at the bronze chariot and horses of Qin ling's friends may remember the second bronze chariots and horses door with connection shaft and hinge the door of the compartment, regardless of its shape and structure are similar to the modern building door and window hinges completely. It marked as early as 2,200 years ago our ancestors were first invented and used the hinge, and we also found that Qin used hinges must not be limited to the scope of bronze chariots and horses. In terracotta, second and first near the chariot pit, archaeologists found the same significant number-bronze hinges. Turns out, door hinge axis is not "import" of the Qin people rather than to a "patent".

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