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Spring Hinge
Nov 16, 2016

Mainly used for cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, it generally required plate thickness to 18-20mm. From the material, can be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy. From the performance point, can be divided into: requires holes without holes in two. Without holes is what we call the bridge-type hinge. Bridge-type hinge appears to be a bridge, so called bridge-type hinge. It features is no need to drill holes in the door panel, and no design limits. Size: small, medium, large. Necessary holes, is currently used in the spring hinge on the cabinet doors. It features: door panels have to dig a hole, the model restricted by the hinge of the door, door will not open in the wind, do not need to install touch spiders. Specification: &26, and &35. Including detachable directional hinge and not shedding non-directional hinge points. As Dragon rose hinge of 303 series is can gilet type directed hinge, and 204 series is not gilet type of spring hinge from shape Shang can points: full cover (or said straight arm, and straight bent) half cover (or said song arm, and in the bent) inside (or said daqu, and big bent) hinge with regulation screws, can upper and lower, and around Regulation Board of height, and thickness, playing hole that surface two screws fixed hole distance General for 32mm, diameter side and Board on both sides distance for 4mm (paint). 

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